Top 5 Must-Visit Places in Kumaun Region

Kumaon has been derived from the word “Kurmanchal,” meaning land of the tortoise incarnation of God Vishnu (Kurmavatar), who is also the preserver of the Hindu Trinity. Bounded on the north by Tibet and east by Nepal, Kumaon is the gorgeous region of Uttarakhand. The Kumaon region is replete with lofty mountains, crystal-clear lakes, charming hill stations, attractive villages, surreal lakes, and unexplored destinations. The plethora of flora and fauna not only allow one to frequently think about the snow-clad mountains and Himalayas but to behold their flawless magnificence time and again.

As you steer further through the serene environment of Kumaon, you might come across tour destinations Chaukori, Munsiyari, and Pithoragarh, which make tranquil holiday destinations in Uttarakhand. Anybody’s heart will truly skip a beat when you glimpse the Nanda Devi, the tallest mountain in India. Blessed with abundant natural beauty, numerous tourist places in Kumaon  draws the attention of countless tourists every year. Top Kumaon tourist attractions count Ranikhet, Nainital, Mukteshwar, etc. Besides sightseeing, visitors can also enjoy a mass of activities here such as paragliding, camping, golfing, trekking, fishing, nature walks, and much more.

Check out these most popular destinations in the Kumaon region where you can visit to escape the ruthless summer of the metros and cities.

1. Nainital

Nainital, also famous as the crown jewel of Uttarakhand and the most attractive hill station is perhaps the most visited tourist destination in the region.  Entrancingly elegant and mesmerizing in every sense, the region describes the tranquil land of Uttarakhand. Nainital has numerous tourist attractions and is the place to be in if you love adventure sports, trekking, and wildlife. On the flip side, the district is also renowned for its rich green environs, temples, and its pristine lakes. This quintessential hill station is perfect for wonderful weekend pleasure.

2. Almora

This breathtakingly beautiful hill station is not just a district but the heart of the Kumaon famous for its delectable cuisines, cultural heritage, eccentric handicrafts, enshrined temples, and above all the heart-warming embrace of the tourists. It has all the makings of an ideal romantic holiday. It is serene, peaceful, and secluded, as there are never a crowd around. The district dons its own charm and is also the home to a diversity of wildlife creatures. So, make certain you include this region in your list of places to visit in the Kumaon region.

3. Ranikhet

Ranikhet is amongst the famous tourist places in Kumaon. It is aptly called the Queen of Meadows as this splendid hill station is a heaven for photography enthusiasts, travelers, and nature lovers. Blessed with a lush forest cover, the landscapes are filled with abundant pine trees, colorful flowers, and spectacular views for a calm and serene getaway.

4. Mukteshwar

Any travelling listing Kumaon tourist region is incomplete without pointing of the serene Mukteshwar hill station. This picturesque hill station is blessed with panoramic mountain peaks such as Trisulas, Nanda Devi, and Panchchuli. The peaceable atmosphere and lush green outdoors make Mukteshwar the idyllic preference for a much-needed weekend trip.

5. Pithoragarh

Pithoragarh is amongst the most popular destination in Uttarakhand and relatively known place of interest in Kumaon. This stunning place is perfect for those who are looking to calm an agitated mind. Visit Pithoragarh, the serene hill station to fine-tune your life and reboot for a few days. The region is a paradise loaded with broad landscapes, greenery, and joy for trekkers as it is a significant stoppage spot on the mode to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

Best time to visit: All year round (Avoid the monsoons)

The above listing is the best pick and the top tourist places in Kumaon. If you wish to add any more places one can explore in the region, do not hesitate to share in the comments section below!

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